Order number: O-KD-ILP-006

Cut your printed labels automatically with the ILP full-face cutter rotation.

The life time is approximately 500.000 cuts.

The maximum cutting width is 220mm with a max. paper weight of 80 g / m². The max. paper weight is 200g / m² at a max. paper width of 120mm.

Order number: O-KD-ILP-007

The KOMDRUCK rewinder has a infinitely variable from 46mm to 76mm adjustable tube core recording. The rewinder can wind up to a maximum label width and a maximum roll diameter of 170mm. The roller speed is 120rpm.

The rewinder has an external power supply. At the end of the labels the rewinder stop and emits an acoustic signal.

In addition, the rewinder offers the possibility to adjust the roller direction. So it is possible to roll the printed label to the outside or inside. By the arm, the rewinder controls the roll speed according to printing speed. Sag the arm, the highest roll speed is reached, is the arm stretched, if the printer stops, the engine stops.