SCHNABEL CNC-Fertigung GmbH und Co KG manufactures turned and milled parts for customers from the general mechanical engineering sector through to rehabilitation technology.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the long-established Bergstrasse-based company moved to its new premises at Lise-Meitner-Straße 17 in Heppenheim. For Managing Directors Bernhard Schnabel and Tobias Keil, it is clear that the safety of employees, their families, customers and partners must also be the top priority in the new premises.

In addition to occupational safety, this naturally also includes appropriate hygiene measures. To prevent the uncontrolled spread of infections, SCHNABEL planned the KOMDOSYS disinfection column for the new premises right from the start. “With the disinfection column from KOMDRUCK, we want to do our part to ensure that hygiene regulations are adhered to,” says Bernhard Schnabel.

The column also integrates stylishly into our new entrance area, as we were able to match the color exactly to the style and character of the new premises. The column blends in perfectly and doesn’t give our visitors the impression of a hospital,” continues Bernhard Schnabel.