An overview

about the differences in inkjet label materials

Verschiedene Etikettenrollen auf weißem Hintergrund.

In today’s diverse world of label printing, choosing the right material is crucial to ensure that your labels are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meet the requirements of your products. Inkjet label materials offer a wide range of options, each with their own benefits and applications. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between various inkjet label materials to help you choose the optimal material for your labeling needs.

  • Glossy paper:
    Glossy surface for vivid colors and razor-sharp text.
    Suitable for high-quality packaging, cosmetics and gift items.
    Emphasizes the aesthetic appearance of labels.
  • Matt paper:
    Matt surface for a professional look without gloss.
    Ideal for labels with lots of text or detailed information.
    Well suited for bottle labels and product descriptions.
  • Transparent material:
    Transparent surface for creative design options.
    Perfect for products where the contents should be visible.
    Suitable for glass bottles, plastic containers and other transparent surfaces.
  • Vinyl:
    Robust and weather-resistant material.
    Water, oil and UV-resistant.
    Ideal for outdoor use, in damp or extreme conditions.
  • Removable labels:
    Can be easily removed and repositioned.
    Perfect for temporary labeling or promotions.
    Applications in retail environments or on sales floors.
  • Water-soluble labels:
    Dissolves when it comes into contact with water.
    Suitable for food products or containers that are reused.
    Minimizes the need to remove or clean labels.

Conclusion: Choosing the right inkjet label material depends on your specific requirements. The different materials offer a wide range of options, from high-quality packaging to robust labels for outdoor use. Make sure you choose the material that best suits your products, your brand identity and the environmental conditions in which the labels will be used.