Setting the ink supply IDP / IDP-1000 series!

Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that the ink supply and support for our discontinued printer models IDP and IDP-1000 series will be discontinued.

After an incredible 20 years of support and ink supply, this means the end for our oldest printer model IDP.

Our IDP-1000 series printer models have been on the market since 2017 and have been replaced by our latest printer technology based on the IDP-2103 series models. After 8 years, we also have to end the support and distribution of the inks.

We therefore recommend that you secure a supply of inks in good time, taking into account the expiration dates for your old printer models.

Orders for IDP printer model inks will no longer be accepted from 01.08.2024.
Orders for inks for the IDP-1000 series printer models can only be placed until probably mid/end 2025. More information will follow.

To help you make a smooth transition, we are offering an exclusive conversion promotion on our latest printer models.

This promotion offers you the following benefits:

State-of-the-art technology: Benefit from the latest printing technologies for improved print quality and efficiency.
Attractive discounts: Receive special discounts and offers when you purchase new printer models.
Comprehensive support: Enjoy comprehensive support when installing and using your new printer.

Take the opportunity now to modernize your printer system and benefit from our attractive offers.

If you have any questions or require support when switching to newer printer models in the IDP-2103 series, our customer service and sales team will be happy to assist you at any time by phone: +49 6253 / 20256-0 or by email:

Thank you for your understanding and your many years of loyalty.